Bystro Hot Dog & Burger

ul.Tamka 22/24Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 573 090 996

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Bystro Hot Dog & Burger – in new location

Marta Glinka 21 May 2019

Bystro Hot Dog Burger, a bar specializing in burgers and hot dogs available for almost two years in the form of a foodtruck at Polna street opened a new, bigger location in Powiśle at Tamka at the beggining of April. The menu includes hot dogs and burgers with various extras, as well as Belgian fries. We will order here, among others hot dog with chilli con carne, caramelized onions, bacon and bbq or vegetarian one. The burger menu features among others a beef burger with chorizo, with goat’s cheese with hot peppers or vegetarian  with falafel. In the spring and summer season you can eat in a spacious summer garden in front of the  bar.

Bystro Hot Dog

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