przyjemność Warszawa


ul.Marszałkowska 68/70Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 730 007 817

bar, restauracja

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Przyjemność – pizza & spritzer

Foodie R 28 May 2019

Przyjemność (pleasure) a restaurant specializing in pizzas and spritzers opened in May. This is the second place under the same brand, the first has been operating for two years in Poznań. Pizza in Przyjemność is prepared from a long-maturing Italian flour dough, tomatoes San Marzano DOP, fresh mozzarella fior di latte and buffalo mozzarella milk. The menu features a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. Except ofto pizza, we we can order here a lasagna, labneh, a plate of mozarella di bufala or burrata or nachos in a cheese sauce. There are also spritzers in various versions available.

przyjemność Warszawa