Taverna Patris

ul. Grochowska 344Praga Południe, Warszawa
Phone: 22 357 11 11


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Taverna Patris – new location & new menu

Marta Glinka 22 May 2019

The Greek restaurant Taverna Patris, which has been operating for over 9 years at Wał Miedzeszyński, changed its location a few days ago. Taverna Patris is now located at Grochowska Street. Along with the change of address, the restaurant menu has also changed. The restaurant has expanded the appetizer menu, perfect for sharing with friends. We can choose from a variety of dips served with pita and crunchy vegetables, cold and hot snacks. Among the new dishes you can try garlic paste with bacon chips, hummus in various flavors, grape leaves stuffed with rice, fried halloumi cheese with white onion jam or sweet peppers stuffed with feta cheese. As in previous location in Taverna Patris you will eat Greek soups, salads, seafood and meat dishes. The restaurant did not forget about vegetarians, offering such dishes as halloumi burger, okra from the pan, vegetarian mussaka or artichoke from the pan.

photo source: restaurant’s materials

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