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Wir – new venue by the Vistula river

Marta Glinka 23 May 2019

Wir is a new place by the Vistula River that is a joint project of various gastronomic and cultural initiatives in Warsaw (Oleandrów 3, Kosmos, UL, Yafo, Bazar Miejski and several other Warsaw venues). WIR is supposed to be a place to relax during the day and in the evening to party. During the day, you can rent boats and in the evening come to a concert and dance. There are to venues serving food in WIR – Yafo- a restaurant specialized in Middle Eastern cuisine operating at Poznańska street as well as Bobby Burger. In the Yafo menu you will find turbokebabs served in naan bread with various extras,  such as pulled pork, seafood, beef kofs and eggplant. We’ll also eat French fries and halloumi fries here. Bobby Burger menu features meat and vegetarian burgers as well as salads.


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