Aroha Bowl

ul. Puławska 246/5Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 794 696 070

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Aroha Bowl – poke bowls inspired by Pacific cuisine

Marta Glinka 7 June 2019

Aroha Bowl – a new place specialized in Hawaiian cuisine has recently opened in the passage of Smyczkowa at the corner of Puławska and Smyczkowa in the former venue of Maria Kolendra. The concept has been operating for 9 months, but earlier the food was available only in delivery. The new place specializes in poke bowls inspired by the Pacific cuisine. The menu includes six bowls consisting of Aroha rice coming from the sea, a source of protein with different sauces (salmon and tofu in shoyu-sesame marinade, chipotle marinade tuna, blanched prawns, surimi in may Sriracha and teriyaki salmon) and fruit and vegetable composition. The bowls served here do not include lactose, there is a minimum amount of gluten, and the packaging in which dishes are served are environmentally friendly. In addition to bowls we can order for a dessert churros with chocolate.

photo source: press release