ul. Mokotowska 52Śródmieście, Warszawa

cukiernia, kawiarnia

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Kukułka – new pastry shop at Mokotowska

Joanna Mróz 19 June 2019

A new pastry shop Kukułka was opened at Mokotowska, near Przegryz, a few days ago. The place is a joint initiative of AleWino and Przegryz owners. The name refers to the well-known Polish kukułka candies. The restaurant has two levels. It offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries. You will eat here, among others puff with caramel-coffee cream, meringue with whipped cream and fruits, tartlets in various versions (including lemon, with panna cotta and forest fruits, chocolate), as well as chocolate balls or pudding with strawberry. In addition to desserts, Kukułka offers coffee and tea. You can choose espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, flat white, cold brew, filter coffe, tea, iced coffee and tea, water and lemonade.

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