Rejczek Krewetki i Wino

Rejczel Krewetki i Wino

ul. Marszałkowska 8Śródmieście, Warszawa


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Rejczel Krewetki i Wino – new shrimps place at Marszałkowska

Marta Glinka 18 July 2019

Rejczel Krewetki i Wino (Rejczel Shrimps and Wine) is a new restaurant opened recently at Marszałkowska street by the owners of the Ursynów restaurant Rejczel operating at Wąwozowa. The new venue in line with the name, specializes in shrimp dishes. The menu includes shrimps in various versions, such as shrimps in wine-butter emulsion, with strawberry, chorizo, with pickled mango, with broad beans and green beans, with avocado and cherry tomatoes, and shrimps in tempura. We will also eat here a burger with shrimps or cod and a makrel, shrimp consomme with seafood. We can order wine and beer to accompany the food.

Rejczek Krewetki i Wino

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