Ice Pot

Ice Pot Stegny

ul. Soczi 6bMokotów, Warszawa


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Ice Pot – new ice cream parlor in Stegny

Marta Glinka 19 August 2019

The new ice cream parlor Ice Pot opened in July in Stegny at Sochi street. This is the second place under the same brand, the first one has been operating in Hala Gwardii for a year and a half. Ice Pot offers homemade ice cream with a short list of ingredients prepared every day on the spot. We can choose from flavors such as salty caramel, currant, mango with chia, pistachio, malibu with coconut, yoghurt with rose petals, coffee mascarpone. Ice cream are available in the cones – 5 PLN per portion and to take away in the containers – 26 PLN per 500 ml or 50 PLN per 1000 ml.

Ice Pot