Soy Soy Oboźna

Soy Soy

ul.Oboźna 9Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 536 029 434


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Soy Soy – Asian vegan restaurant at Oboźna

Marta Glinka 30 August 2019

The new Asian restaurant Soy Soy has recently opened at Oboźna in venue of closed Tagine restaurant. Soy Soy is a vegan restaurant and its owners also run three other Asian restaurants: Miss Kimchi, Bangkok Soi and Korea Town Rest. The menu features vegetable snacks such as pak choi, fried eggplant, water spinach and other vegetables in tempira, and a spicy Thai kohlrabi, cucumber and lime salad. We can also eat  here curry laksa, pad thai, green curry or tofu in a spicy Sichuan pepper sauce.Soy Soy Oboźna

photo source: restaurants materials

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