Dobra restauracja

Dobra restauracja

ul. Zwycięzców 21Praga Południe, Warszawa
Phone: 533 210 222


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Dobra restauracja – new place at Saska Kępa

Marta Glinka 26 September 2019

Dobra restauracja has recently opened in Saska Kępa at Zwycięzców Street in the former venue of Liberte Bistro a vin. The menu is based on the classic of French cuisine, but is not limited to French dishes. Everyday from 9 am you can have breakfast here. The breakfast menu includes among others  scrambled eggs with ham, pancakes, granola with yogurt, French toast and baked omelette. The restaurant’s menu features as well beef, tuna, herring and beetroot tartare, cheese, cold cuts or vegetarian plates, soups, salads (e.g. with teriyaki tuna, shrimps or goat cheese). We can order here also steaks, burgers, duck fillet in fig sauce, duck leg, dumplings with goat cheese on roasted butter or prawns with chorizo.

Dobra restauracja

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