Tamka 22/24Powiśle, Warszawa
Phone: 791 400 328

cukiernia, kawiarnia

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MUUS – new pastry shop at Tamka St.

Joanna Mróz 26 September 2019

London has Albert Adria’s Cakes and Bubbles, and we have our Cakes and Wine meaning MUUS at Tamka 22/24. A new mini patisserie with a wide range of pastries and desserts was opened on Saturday at Tamka St. They promise cakes and cookies, wine and bubbles, doppio and yerba. The MUUS menu includes: cheesecakes (e.g. oreo with strawberries), tarts (e.g. chocolate-raspberry), meringues (pistachio, blueberry), cakes (e.g. chocolate with cherry jam and chocolate ground), brownie (with salty caramel and nuts), others (including tiramisu puff, yeast rolls, croissants). There are also a few savory items (including onion flatbread with red onion jam).