Na Bank Cafe

Na Bank Cafe

pl.Bankowy 4Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 500 700 660


More details:

Na Bank Cafe – new cafe at plac Bankowy

Marta Glinka 3 September 2019

A new cafe – Na Bank Cafe – was opened recently at Plac Bankowy just next to the Blue Tower, not far from Thaisty and Zdrowa Konkurencja. We will drink here classic coffees, coffees prepared using alternative methods (dripp, chemex, areopress), as well as cold coffees (including affogato, espresso tonic, frozen flat white). The food menu features sandwiches (e.g. with vegan pate, chicken or chicken and hummus), as well as cakes (e.g. chocolate, chocolate vegan, brownie or meringue).

Na Bank Cafe

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