Tłusty Kotek Miodowa

Tłusty Kotek Muranów

ul. Miodowa 23Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 513 153 911


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Tłusty Kotek – new ice cream parlor at Miodowa

Marta Glinka 11 September 2019

The new ice cream parlor Tłusty Kotek has recently opened in Muranów, at Miodowa close to Krasińskich Park. This is the third venue under the same brand, the others operate at Hoża and Ursynów. You can find here flavors such as cream, cream with blackcurrant, pistachio, chocolate and fruit sorbets (blackcurrant with vanilla, raspberry with rose, mango cherry, banana raspberry). We can also order here vegan ice cream and  drink a cup of nitro coffee from the tap

Tłusty Kotek Miodowa