Veda Indian Bistro

ul. Przyczółkowa Wilanow, Warsaw
Phone: 739 196 276


More details:

Veda Indian Bistro – new Indian restaurant in Wilanów

Marta Glinka 6 September 2019

A new restaurant specialized in Indian cuisine – Veda Indian Bistro was opened in July in Wilanów at  the Vis a Vis center at Przyczółkowa Street. The chef of the restaurant Abhi Abhijeet Nehate has previously worked, among others for a chain of luxury hotels in India – TAJ. The new restaurant is inspired by the Ayurveda tradition and is offering healthy cuisine from various regions of India. The menu includes both meat dishes (including chicken, lamb or shrimps from tandoori oven) and a large selection of vegetarian dishes (such as beetroot in coconut sauce, okra with onions, chickpeas in tomato-onion sauce and grilled Indian paneer cheese).

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