Hutnik La Finestra


ul. Wrzeciono 41Bielany, Warszawa
Phone: 508 916 813


More details:

Hutnik – new restaurant in Bielany

Marta Glinka 15 October 2019

A new restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine – Hutnik was opened in September in Bielany, in “Okrąglak” at Wrzeciono street. The menu features among others pizzas baked in a wood fired oven, pasta, risotto and Italian starters (bruschetta, shrimp). We can also eat here burgers, grilled chicken, oven-baked salmon, sirloin steak or salad. Hutnik is also a place for sport watching lovers. In the evenings you can watch football or volleyball matches while drining a beer.

Hutnik La Finestra

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