Mr. Greek Souvlaki

ul. Londyńska 16Saska Kepa., Warszawa
Phone: 22 404 76 56


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Mr. Greek Souvlaki – new Greek place in Saska Kepa

Joanna Mróz 14 October 2019

New Greek restaurant Mr. Greek Souvlaki has recently been opened in Saska Kępa, at Londynska St, just around the corner from Mięsny restaurant. Mr. Greek Souvlaki is run by Greek, the place serves authentic Greek cuisine based on Greek products. The menu includes classics of Greek cuisine. You can eat here, among others, pork, chicken or halloumi cheese souvlaki, Greek salad horiatiki, soutzukakia (lamb and beef chops), there are pork bifteki, classic musaka, and also a briam with vegetables from oven. For the very hungry the place offers a grill mix for two. You will also drink here wine and of course ouzo. Olives and olive oil can be bought in the shop.

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