Zjadacz Snów

ul. Pawińskiego 24Ochota, Warszawa
Phone: 693 718 192

cukiernia, sklep

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Zjadacz Snów – Japanese sweets in Ochota

Joanna Mróz 1 October 2019

Completely different than all, a new pastry shop was opened recently in Ochota, door to door with Sato Gotuje. It’s called Zjadacz Snów and you will find here confectionery classics of Japan, you will taste green tea, and buy Japanese trifles for a gift. Short menu at Zjadacz Snów includes mochi with white chocolate and matcha green tea, cheesecake with green tea, Japanese roulade. You will drink here among others homemade yuzu lemonade, frozen Matcha latte or hibiscus kombucha. Japanese tea is also available for take-out. The store also offers ceramics, chopsticks, bento boxes, as well as Japanese kokeshi amulets. You can order the desserts either on site or at Sato Gotuje.

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