Kura na Mokotowie

Kura – Mokotow

ul. Obrzeżna 3Mokotow, Warsaw


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Kura – chicken wings and sandwiches in Mokotów

Marta Glinka 26 November 2019

Kura, a restaurant specializing in American-style chicken, has opened at Obrzeżna street in Mokotów. This is the second place under the same brand, the first has been operating for two years at Nowolipki in Muranów. We can order in Kura breaded or glazed wings, chicken strips, as well as chicken sandwiches with extras and sauces. The menu also includes waffles with chicken and maple syrup, chicken, avocado and bacon or chicken, buffalo sauce and pickles. Chicken can be also bought in sets of various sizes (from 6 to 150 pieces) with original dips. The menu is completed by fries, cauliflowers, sweet potato chips, jalapeno poppers and mozzarella balls.

Kura na Mokotowie

photo source: restaurant’s materials

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