Drożdż Andersa

Drożdż Bar

ul. Andersa 22City Center, Warsaw

pizzeria, restaurant

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Drożdż Bar – pizza, beer and bread in Muranów

Marta Glinka 27 December 2019

Drożdż Bar is a new everyday bar with pizza, beer and bread recently opened at Andersa Street in Muranów. We can start the day here with breakfast, the morning menu includes panuzzo sandwiches, a sweet pizzetta with ricotta, as well as porridge. At lunchtime and evening we can come for a pizza – several types with various extras are available on the menu. We will also eat here soups, salads and Italian antipasti. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant offers lunches – for a two-course lunch (soup or lemonade and pizza) we will pay 22 PLN.

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