Bao Bar

Bao Bar Poznańska

ul. Poznańska 7City Center, Warsaw

bar., restaurant

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Bao Bar – new Asian bar at Poznańska

Marta Glinka 8 January 2020

Bao Bar  a new Asian place specializing in bao and bao burgers opened at Poznańska Street in December. This is the second place under the same name, the first has been operating for half a year in Saska Kępa. We will eat here bao buns with chicken, bacon, duck, shrimp, tofu or eggplant, as well as bao burgers with pulled beef, pork shoulder or oyster mushrooms. The menu also includes vegan curry lentil soup, oriental duck broth, kimchi, and french fries with various toppings.

Bao Bar


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