Tapioca by Brasil on the plate

ul. Geodetów 5okolice Warszawy, Mysiadło
Phone: 790 779 729


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Tapioca by Brasil on the plate – Brazilian tapioca pancakes

Marta Glinka 28 January 2020

A new place dedicated to Brazilian cuisine – Tapioca was opened at Geodetów street in Mysiadło in December. This is a new project of a Polish-Brazilian couple who is behind  “Brasil on the plate concept”. The restaurant specializes in Brazilian tapioca pancakes, made from cassava. Pancakes are vegan and gluten-free, and in Tapioca we will eat them with vegetarian, vegan and meat fillings in sweet and salty options. In addition to pancakes, the menu also includes pao de queijo cheese rolls, cassava fries, soups and acai bowl. During the week we will order lunch here at PLN 20 for two dishes.


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