Foodie Rollins

Foodie Rollins

ul. Mokotowska 8Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 797 769 341


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Foodie Rollins – fine street food at Mokotowska

Marta Glinka 6 February 2020

A new restaurant – Foodie Rollins opened in mid-January at Mokotowska street, near the Współczesny Theater. According to the owners Foodie Rollins is Fine Street Food – all dishes are prepared from scratch on the spot with attention to the quality of ingredients. The menu includes street food dishes inspired by the world’s cuisines. The restaurant specializes in sandwiches with various extras, including with beef baveta in Mexican spices, lamb in teriyaki, duck shawarma, vegan duck. In addition to sandwiches, we will eat here fries with toppings, soup, pickles.

Foodie Rollins

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