K-Bar Piękna

ul.Piękna 28/34Śródmieście, Warszawa


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K-Bar – Korean restaurant at Piękna

Marta Glinka 10 February 2020

A new Korean restaurant, vintage shop and bar – K-Bar opened recently at Piękna Street in the former venue of the closed Indonesian restaurant Gado Gado. The creator of the place is Czesio z Pragi (known, among others, from Powidoki). The menu includes dishes such as: Korean fried chicken, Korean doenjang ramen, slow-cooked ribs, mandu dumplings, or a bulgogi beef sandwich. K-Bar is also a vintage-shop, where you can buy furniture and vintage decorations that are in the venue. It is an animal-friendly place, where you can come with  your pet.