Bistro de Paris Michel Moran closes 16 years after opening

Marta Glinka 5 March 2020

Bistro de Paris – a French restaurant located at Piłsudskiego Square closes 16 years after opening. The chef and co-owner of the restaurant is French-born Michel Moran, who started his career over 30 years ago in Paris. He gained media popularity in Poland thanks to appearance on television, including the Polish edition of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior broadcast on TVN. In his restaurant in Warsaw, he has been promoting French cuisine for years, and since 2005 his restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin Guide. Bistro de Paris operates only until mid-March. After that, Michel Moran plans to concentrate on consulting and will continue to be a part of MasterChef program. The chef has not yet said the last word when it comes to gastronomy and is thinking about opening a small bistro in autumn.



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