Korea Town Rest

Korea Town Rest

ul. Puławska 24bMokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 531 754 079


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Korea Town Rest in new location at Puławska

Marta Glinka 3 March 2020

Korea Town Rest – a Korean restaurant operating already for 3 years at Olesińska has moved to a new, bigger location at Puławska Street. This is the former venue of Dziki Ryż and Dziki Wok. Korea Town Rest serves popular Korean dishes such as Korean Fried Chicken (fried chicken in a spicy sauce), Bulgogi (marinated beef in a mild sauce with vegetables), or spicy seafood in a gochujang paste sauce. Each dish is served with a set of 5-6 starters. The menu also includes Korean alcohols such as soju, korean sake and Korean beer.

Korea Town Rest

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