Forteca Kręgliccy Market – available online

Marta Glinka 29 April 2020

Since recently we have been able to buy products from farmers available at Forteca food market without leaving home. The market offer includes among others vegetables and herbs from Pan Ziółko, dairy products from Mleczna Droga and from Żeby Kózka, fresh sourdough bread from the Fermente artisan bakery, juices from the Wiatrowy Sad, organic mushrooms from Dąbrówka, carp products and eggs from Jastrzębie Kąty. In the store, we can also buy ready meals from Kręgliccy restaurants, such as musaka from Santorini, lasagne, gnocchi and ravioli from Chianti, chili sin carne, or con carne from El Popo. Products ordered on the website can be picked up at the car park in front of the Fortress (without having to get out of the car) delivered home within a 6 km around the Fortress. Deliveries and order pick ups take place on market days: Wednesdays and Saturdays. Products must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

Products can be ordered on the Targ Kręgliccy website.