Koszykowa 47 – Comfort Food & Bar

ul. Koszykowa 47Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 118 38 38


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#Koszykowa47 – Comfort Food and Bar – culinary travel memories

Marta Glinka 1 July 2020

Restaurant #Koszykowa47, which opened in May, is a relaunch but also a continuation of Na Bałkany restaurant operating at this venue for the last two years. The restaurant is managed by the same owners and the same team as Na Bałkany. The new concept is an answer to the dynamically changing needs of guests returning to gastronomy in a new situation. It is based on the trend of comfort food, with dishes that are supposed to improve our mood via referring to our best memories. In this case, it’s all about culinary travel memories.

At Koszykowa Street we will find dishes from various regions and countries. Chicken parmigiana, cevapcici, steaks or hot dogs with lamb sausages may be of interest to meat dishes lovers. For those who prefer fish and seafood, there is  fish & chips, mussels in a wine butter sauce, prawns with chorizo, black pasta with seafood in a wine wine sauce or breaded seafood. There are also vegetarian options such as veg burgers, crispy zucchini, cauliflower in miso, gazpacho and salads. #Koszykowa47 also offers special plates for two such as mezze in meat and vegetarian options, as well as meat and seafood feasts with a variety of dishes. Regular guests of the Na Balkany restaurant will not miss their favourite Balkan dishes in the new concept.

You can visit #Koszykowa47 not only for food, but also for a drink. The menu includes drinks and cocktails also available in carafes for sharing (from 48 PLN for a 0.75l carafe). Currently, as part of the 1 + 1 promotion, while ordering one Martini Fiero carafe with a Tonic, the second one you will get for free.

The partner of the article is restaurant #Koszykowa47. Photo source: restaurant #Koszykowa47


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