Bottega Napoli

Oboźna 9/105City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 22 407 34 14


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Bottega Napoli – traditional Neapolitan cuisine at Oboźna

Marta Michalska 28 July 2020

On July 18, a new restaurant was opened on Oboźna Street – Bottega Napoli. The restaurant specializes in traditional Neapolitan cuisine. We can eat here traditional pizza (24-38 PLN), fried pizza (fritte; 27-30 PLN) and calzone (30-35 PLN). The menu also includes the chef’s compositions – with guanciale (dried pork chops) from Campania and smoked Provola cheese or with potato croquettes and mortadella (28-42 PLN). Other dishes include Italian pastes such as gnocchi or linguine with homemade fish pesto (28-45 PLN), “Cuoppo” cones, bruschetta or a plate of cold cuts and cheeses (16-52 PLN), salads (36-40 PLN) and sandwiches (28-42 PLN). For dessert, we will order, among others, a Neapolitan rum cake, panna cotta or caprese cake (15-17 PLN).

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