Spacca Napoli – Powiśle

Ludna 1ACity Center,Powisle., Warsaw
Phone: 780 020 121


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Spacca Napoli – opening of the second restaurant in Powiśle

Marta Michalska 31 July 2020

Spacca Napoli – Italian restaurant on ul. Świętokrzyska – opened its second premises at Ludna Street in Powiśle. The restaurant serves rosse and bianche pizzas in many versions (apart from classics such as Margherita, Marinara, Diavola, Capricciosa and Quattro Formaggi, we also find variants with Neapolitan chicory, Italian white sausage or porchetta). We can also eat here baked or fried calzones, panuozzi sandwiches, i.e. pizza dough bread with ham, eggplant or other additives. In addition to pizza, Spacca Napoli also offers fresh pastas such as paccheri alla genovese, spaghetti alla carbonara, paccheri al ragu napoletano and others. There were also Neapolitan starters and desserts.

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