MOD Donuts – Saska Kępa

Paryska 37Saska Kepa., Warszawa

Cake shop

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MOD Donuts – colorful donuts in Saska Kepa

Marta Michalska 22 September 2020

A flagship store with donuts called MOD Donuts has been operating since the beginning of September in Saska Kepa, on Paryska street. The specialty of this place are donuts, decorated with various glazes, such as matcha tea, mango, white chocolate, oreo or lavender milk. MOD donuts are characterized by high-quality ingredients and are produced according to Polish-French recipes. The store also offers donuts in a vegan version. We can also buy a flagship donut with pink ruby ​​chocolate glaze.

MOD Donuts from Paryska street is the flagship store of Kamila Mroczkowska and Patrycja Jaskólska, who have been selling their donuts for years at the MOD restaurant at Oleandrów Street and at Reginabar.

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