Bliski Wschód

Bliski Wschód

ul. Złota 11Śródmieście, Warsaw
Phone: 668 016 979


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Bliski Wschód – new vegetarian restaurant

Marta Glinka 21 October 2020

A new restaurant Bliski Wschód has recently opened  at Złota, in Pasaż Wiecha. This is a vegetarian restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine. We will eat here cold and hot mezze (starters) such as hummus, baba ganoush, fried halloumi with honey, olive oil and zatar, labneh cheese or sweet potato fries. The menu also includes Israeli hummus with vegan shawarma or falafel, veggie burgers, pita with shawarma or falafel.

Bliski Wschód

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