Dary Posejdona

Dary Posejdona

ul. Rydygiera 13Żoliborz, Warszawa
Phone: 502 309 221


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Dary Posejdona – fish and seafood shop in Żoliborz

Marta Glinka 14 October 2020
A new fish and seafood shop – Dary Posejdona – was opened at Rydygiera Street in Żoliborz  mid-September. The store offers fresh fish, seafood, delicatessen products, smoked fish, canned ready meals, as well as hummus and bread. We will buy here, among others Baltic cod, pike, swordfish, tuna, octopus, razor clams, trout paste, Kashubian herring, herring with  wild garlic, Korean matjas, oriental fish tartare, fish soup, marinated calamari, smoked mackerel.
Dary Posejdona

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