Meze restauracja


ul. Wilcza 46Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 698 782 654


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MEZE by Teo Vafidis & Sons – new Greek restaurant at Wilcza

Marta Glinka 6 October 2020

MEZE is a new Greek restaurant opened at the end of September at Wilcza Street. The owner and chef of the restaurant is Teo Vafidis, Greek cook known from Polish TV who runs the restaurant with his sons. Meze is a Greek restaurant based on the philosophy of sharing meals and feasting. The menu includes Greek snacks (meze) – cold (eggplant paste or fish roe paste; a dip based on feta cheese and peppers) and warm (fried zucchini with tzatziki, fried calamari, filo pastry dumplings with spinach and feta cheese). We can also eat here souvlaki, moussaka, lamb roasted in its own sauce, grilled octopus or fried feta cheese in nut coating.

Meze restauracja

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