La Bàn

Krucza 6/14City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 690 810 889


More details:

La Bàn – a new Vietnamese restaurant in the City Center

Marta Michalska 7 January 2021

In the place after Kiti Bar was closed some time ago, a new place has been opened – La Bàn. It is a Vietnamese restaurant opened at the end of last year at ul. Krucza. The menu is divided into 3 parts – north, south and middle – referring to the regions of Vietnam where the dishes come from. It includes such dishes as: Phở bò (PLN 20/30), Bún chả (PLN 31), Phở Chay (PLN 19/28), Bún bò Huế (PLN 24-35), Còm gả (PLN 26), Nộm xoài (PLN 32) or Bánh mì (PLN 23). The menu also includes vegan and vegetarian options). The full menu can be found on the restaurant’s fanpage on Facebook.

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