La Vegana

ul. Zgoda 4City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 880 056 882


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La Vegana – new Asian vegan restaurant

Marta Glinka 9 June 2021

New vegan restaurant specialised in Asian cuisine  – La Vegana – opened in June in Warsaw City Center, at Zgoda Street.  The menu is dominated by Vietnamese dishes, but also features a Thai pad thai, Malesian laksa, Japanese udon, ramen, or pasta in teriyaki sauce. The menu includes bowls with vegetables dedicated for the sharing such as: nem in sweet and sour sauce, mango, cucumbers, carrot and pineapple salad, vegetables in tempura, wakame with seasame, as well as main dishes such as canh chua (soup from South of Vietnam), vegan pho, or bun bo nam bo (salad with rice noodles and extras).

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