Purr Purr

ul. Pokorna 2Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 573 538 888

kawiarnia, restauracja

More details:

Purr Purr – cat’s cafe with Asian food

Marta Glinka 30 June 2021

Purr Purr is a new cafe recently opened in Muranów, at Pokorna Street. This is a cafe for cat lovers, where we will meet 5 cats belonging to the owners of the venue. Purr Purr specializes in Asian cuisine and offers dishes inspired, among others by Japanese and Korean cuisine. For breakfast, we will eat here Japanese pancakes, an Asian omelette with vegetables or a breakfast bowl. We can also order here sandwiches with Korean pate, teriyaki chicken; onigiri, miso soup with tofu or salmon, as well as jjajang men noodles with black bean sauce and chicken, shrimps or vegetables.

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