Zapuszkowane Bistro & Deli

ul.Bluszczańska 52Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 510 574 762


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Zapuszkowane – new bistro & deli in Mokotowie

Marta Glinka 7 June 2021

Zapuszkowane is a new bistro and deli recently opened at Bluszczańska Street in Mokotów. We can start the day here having breakfast, which is served until 1 p.m. The breakfast menu includes, among others eggs (poached, fried and soft) served with original extras such as: asparagus, chorizo, roast beef or avocado. The morning menu also includes butter challah with ricotta, fruit, honey and nuts, homemade granola with yogurt or hummus with seasonal vegetables. At lunchtime and in the evening, we will eat here various dishes inspired by world cuisines, including street food, such as hot dogs with merquez sausages, black pudding, young potato with gzik, lettuce with asparagus or bavette steak.

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