Seafood Station

Al. Jerozolimskie 93Ochota, Warszawa
Phone: 22 660 22 66

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Seafood Station – new fish and seafood restaurant

Marta Glinka 21 July 2021

Seafood Station, a new restaurant specializing in fish and seafood, opened in mid-June at Aleje Jerozolimskie. This is the second place under the same name, the first has been operating in Sopot already for 5 years. We can start our visit to the restaurant with an oyster and champagne, and then continue tasting, for example, scallop tartare, cod ceviche, octopus carpaccio or fish soup. We can also eat here, among others, grilled octopus, tuna steak, sea bass, scallops  or hot crab legs. The menu also includes exclusive seafood such as lobster, Red King Crab and Caribbean crawfish.

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