Pezzo pizza na nożyczki

ul. Francuska 31Praga Południe,Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 797 680 791

pizzeria, restauracja

More details:

Pezzo – Neapolitan pizza in Saska Kepa

Marta Glinka 9 September 2021

A new Italian restaurant – Pezzo was opened in July in Saska Kępa at Francuska Street. The restaurant specializes in Neapolitan pizza which we can cut into pieces with special scissors. Pezzo serves modern edition of Neapolitan pizza in the form of “Canotto” (large, raised rims, empty inside). They use only Italian ingredients imported from Naples to prepare it. The menu includes pizza with different extras such as pancetta, nduja, Parma ham, salami napoli or provolone cheese.

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