Central Grill Madera opened

Marta Glinka 3 January 2013

Central Grill Madera was opened at the year end in Aleje Jerozolimskie. We can eat here dishes from Portugal, Brazil and Madeira. Chefs and owners come from Madeira and Brazil, and Portuguese conversation can be heard from the kitchen. Menu is domminated by meat dishes, which is served after grilling at the table straight from the long, impressive swords. Apart from the meat in you can  order here fish and seafood. The restaurant has also a special lunch options.

Central Grill Madera


Address: Al.Jerozolimskie 101 , Warsaw

Phone: 22 370 25 52

Webpage: no

Cuisine: Portuguese, Brazilian

Average prices: 35-80 zł

Special menu: lunch set 26,50

Atmosphere: casual

District/Location: City Center



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