5 best for cheese

Joanna Mróz 2 March 2013

Sometimes, they are the main theme of the restaurant. Sometimes, there are served instead of dessert. Sometimes, you can order a plate of them to accompany your wine. Or simply as an appetizer or snack. Cheese. Today Warsaw Foodie recommends you 5 best for cheese. The choice is – as always – subjective, we look forward to your supporting and protesting comments.


La Fromagerie – it is chronologically the first place in Warsaw for cheese. Located in the area of Lace Factory near to Mielżyński Wine Bar, La Fromagerie is a shop and a small bistro in the same time. You can buy dozens of types of cheese here, you can also eat in house.

Opasły Tom PIW – is a bistro at Foksal with signature cuisine by Agata Wojda. Both the tasting menu and a la carte almost always contains Polish farm cheeses, produced by small cheese manufacturers. Selection of these cheeses vary depending on availability.

The House of Cheese – is second place fully dedicated to cheese. It has two locations – shop with a few summer tables in the Stara Papiernia and a restaurant in Ursynów. In both places you can choose from several types of cheese, and compose their own plates to eat on site.

Brasserie Warszawska – this is the second (after Butchery and Wine) Warsaw restaurant by Daniel Pawelek. In the menu, you’ll find cheese selection, which will include standards such as Comte and Camembert, and rennet “Colonel” Livarot. The waiters will explain to you, what is the best order of eating cheese – from the mildest to the most intense.

Alewino.pl – a small wine bar opened during the summer on the back of Mokotowska Street. You can order a cheese plate with interesting additions here. The accompanying additions change, but you can find among others marinated peaches in syrup, birch, walnut cookies with sprinkles, and bun.

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