5 places for maringue

Joanna Mróz 15 September 2013

Meringue is recently one of the most popular desserts in Warsaw restaurants. It appears in the menu of placed opened over the years, as well as those who only just opened. This multiplicity however is not a guarantee of quality. Today we recommend you these places, where we think you can taste the best meringue – crisp outside, chewing inside and with interesting toppings.

Porto Praga Beza z musem z marakui


Różana – is one of the key places for meringue in Warsaw. Rozana meringue cakes are famous throughout the city for years. They come in various styles – classic, chocolate, coffee, with dates, fruits and many others.

Kubek w Kubek – here meringue is baked by Dagmara, author of Z piekarnika blog. She cares about the quality of the ingredients – real butter, eggs from free-range hens, vanilla, and fresh fruit. At Kubek w Kubek there are different types of meringue available, one of the most popular is the meringue cake with mascarpone.

Basico – Basico is a place where the meringues are dealt seriously. Co-owner Agata Kościkiewicz take care of them in person. Mostly you will find here a classical form with whipped cream and seasonal fruit, but there is also chocolate meringue in place.

Porto Praga – in the menu of Porto Prague you’ll find a meringue with passion fruit mousse – it’s accompanied by great fruit mousses – from passion fruit, lychee and raspberry fruit. In the season red currants are used for garnish.

Soul Kitchen – in subsequent launches of his menu, Andrzej Polan presents new meringue variations. In the summer we could enjoy it with Inka coffee cream, cherry sorbet and fruit from the bazaar, now in the menu you’ll find poppy meringue with coffee ice cream, plums in Krupnik and almond cream.

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