Wszechnica Umiejętności Kulinarnych

Joanna Mróz 9 March 2014

Wszechnica Umiejętności Kulinarnych is weekend workshop meetings dedicated for culinary enthusiasts. The meetings are scheduled to happen during 10 weekends and the agenda of each meeting will focus on the different types of cuisine. The program of meetings will include classes in the kitchen, culinary styling and photography lessons, lectures on the history and anthropology of culinary culture, as well as food film screenings. First meeting will take place at Badowo Folwark on weekend 28-30. of March.

 Wszechnica Umiejętności Kulinarnych

WHERE: Folwark Badowo, ul. Piekarska 31, 96- 320 Badów Górny

WHEN: First meeting 28-30. March

WEBSITE: Facebook

PRICE: First meeting (lectures, meals, 2 nights) 1199PLN


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