Bazar Olkuska

Marta Glinka 4 June 2014

New food market is opening on 14th of June in Olkuska Street. Bazar Olkuska will be waiting for their clients  in freshly restored building 6 days a week offering Polish, International and eco products such as vegetables, meats, fish, fresh flowers or books. The organisers of this event – Rolmex S.A (owner of Winkolekcja) and Paweł Zamojski (owner of Burger Bar) want to revitalise Olkuska Street.  Among producers you can find at the Bazar:  Crazy Butcher, Indykpol, Tutto Bene, La Petite France, Damas, Happy Fish, Warzywniak Rozkosze or Patisserrie Nanette.

Bazar Olkuska


Address: ul. Olkuska 12, Warsaw

Opening hours: from 14 th June,  Mon- Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat 7.30-16:00

Webpage: Facebook

Phone: 661 610 664

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