Kaprys Bistro & Cafe

Marta Glinka 1 October 2014
Kaprys Bistro & Cafe  has been opened in Mokotów since 2011. It is a small restaurant run by Izabela and Rafal. The chef is the owner, who gained experience as a manager and chef in many Polish restaurants, among others in Hotel Europejski. Kaprys serves European cuisine with focus on Polish dishes. The menu features among others pancakes with plum jam, homemade dumplings, pancakes with mushroms or pork tenderloin served on potato pancakes. The speciality of the restaurant is vinaigrette sauce based on a  secret recipe known only by the chef or oscypki with cranberries served on the lettuce. Oscypki come from Nowy Sącz surroundings, where the restaurant owners came from. During the week the restaurant serves lunch sets, from Monday to Friday between 6 and 8 pm there is Happy Hours promotion with promo prices on beer and selected dishes. Kaprys also provides catering service. 

source: Kaprys


Address: ul. Puławska 74/80

Phone: 22 881 78 82 mobile 514 599 104 

Opening hours:  Mon-Fri 12.00-20.00, Sat. 13.00-20.00

Webpage: Facebook, kaprys.waw.pl

Cuisine: European, Polish

Average prices:  main dishes 23-35 zł

Special menu: lunch from Monday till Friday. 18 zł /20 zł

Atmosphere: casual

District:  Mokotów

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