Halka Restauracja po polsku – Mokotów

Zbigniew Glinka 10 January 2015

Halka Restauracja po polsku in January moved from Pańska street to the premises of former Flik restaurant at Puławska street. Halka specializes in Polish cuisine and in the menu you can find such dishes as e.g. duck carpaccio, ‘Baba’, a traditional potato cake from Eastern regions of Poland, filled in with bacon and onions, traditional big Polish dumplings ‘Zeppelins’, filled with meat, baked goose leg, rabbit leg stewed in red wine and pancakes for dessert. The lunch menu – soup & main dish – is available for the price of 23 PLN.



Address: Puławska 43, Warsaw

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 11 am – 10 pm

Phone number: 509 593 305

Webpage: www.restauracjahalka.pl

Cuisine: Polish

Average prices: main courses 20 – 70 PLN

Atmosphere: elegant

District: Mokotów

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