Karvan Restaurant

Zbigniew Glinka 3 July 2016

Karvan restaurant opened in May in Kabaty on Borsuka street in the premises, which previously housed a restaurant Przepis Palce Lizać. Karvan is a restaurant with Caucasian, Georgian and Azeri cuisine. The menu features, among others, kharcho – spicy soup with beef, manti mouton dumplings, Caucasian Khachapuri, lamb or pork khinkali, pelmeni with cabbage and mushrooms or with minced meat, grilled vegetables with minced meat, egg, cheese Caucasian, coriander. At the entrance to the restaurant there is small summer garden.



Address: al. KEN 21, Warsaw (Attention! entrance is from Borsuka street)

Phone: 722 012 737

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 10 am – 10 pm

Website: Facebook

Style of cuisine: Caucasian, Azeri, Georgian

Average prices: 10 – 30 PLN

Atmosphere: casual

District: Ursynów, Kabaty

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