September. Time to go to school… for pizza & focaccia

Zbigniew Glinka 1 September 2016

It’s already September and the time to return to school after a holiday rest. And when it comes to studying what could be more fun than studying the secrets of preparing pizza and focaccia under the supervision of a real Italian chef with a glass of chilled Lambrusco Modenese? The July classes at the Whirlpool Culinary Academy were so popular that it was decided to repeat them after the holidays and this is the last call to book ticket (for other workshops in September there are no seats available).

On Saturday, September 24 at. 11 am during the workshop “Pizza i Focaccia na okrągło vol. 2” Marco Ghia, chef and expert in Italian cuisine, will show how to prepare dough for pizza (including the one with smoked paprika) or focaccia and explain the differences between the Roman and Neapolitan pizza. Participants will prepare pizza margherita, pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala and Italian sausages, pizza with gorgonzola and pears, focaccia with prosciutto and figs and focaccia with tuna, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Źródło: materiały Akademii Kulinarnej Whirlpool

Źródło: materiały Akademii Kulinarnej Whirlpool


WHERE: Whirpool Culinary Academy, Soho Factory, Mińska 25, Warsaw (entrance from Gocławska street)


PRICE: 195 PLN/person



Text is a result of co-operation with Akademia Kulinarna Whirlpool

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