New Menu & Dry-Aged Steaks in Bistecca Bistro

Zbigniew Glinka 6 December 2016

Have you ever eaten steaks dry-aged for 35 days? Bistecca Bistro restaurant in Wilanów specializing in steaks and beef dishes, has recently introduced a new menu created by Chef Paul Gajownik. The flagship dish of the restaurant, which is Tuscan Bistecca, 1 kg of beef steak with bone T-shaped, is joined with new courses such as the 750g Tomahawk steak, as well as roast beef and rib eye steaks aged dry for 28-35 days.

New steak offer is associated with the launch of the dry-aging process of the meat in the restaurant. The meat is stored in a special refrigerating cabinet in a specific, constant temperature and humidity for several weeks. During this time, natural fibrous tissue is destroyed by the natural enzymes and thereby the meat becomes more tender. In addition to the steaks the new menu features, among others, ossobuco, roasted sea bream with lemon grass and mango chutney or arugula with beef marinated in teriyaki with strawberry dressing.

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Address: Branickiego 11, Warsaw, Wilanów

Phone: 22 258 12 43

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Photo credits: Bistecca Bistro



The article is the result of co-operation with Bistecca Bistro

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