Fish & Seafood Market – Burakowska

Zbigniew Glinka 27 January 2017

Fish & Seafood Market (Targ Ryb i Owoców Morza) will start this Saturday in Agricultural Market hall on Burakowska street. There you can buy whole fish and filets, fresh and smoked, salted or processed. Organizers promise shrimps, mussels and octopus. You will be able to buy eg. trout, carp, sturgeon, herring, carp, halibut, tuna, salmon rolls and pickled herring… The following suppliers already confirmed their presence: Pan Sandacz, Mazurskie Ryby, Fish Farm Dadon… Thus, if you like the market atmosphere and you are not able to reach Forteca Kręglickich on Wednesday or Targ Rybny (Fish Market) on plac Powstańców on Friday then on Saturdays and Sundays you can come for fish and seafood to Burakowska street. 


Źródło zdjęcia: materiały prasowe organizatorów wydarzenia

Photo credits: press materials of the market organizers 

WHERE: post-industrial halls on Burakowska 14, (the one with Agricultural Market), Warsaw

WHEN: Sat – Sun: 10 am – 5 pm

WEBSITE: Facebook

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